The New American Dictionary: Security/Fear Edition

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This book catalogs over 60 terms related to fear and security which have entered American English since 9/11, including new terms (“freedom fries”, “islamofascist”) and old terms which have been redefined (“torture”). The books are available on for $19.95.

The New American Dictionary is a humorous, provocative book that calls for readers to pay attention to the ways in which terminology of fear, security and war have permeated American English post-9/11. Terms in the dictionary include: Islamofascist, Freedom Fries, Friendly Fire, Regime Change, Smart Bomb, Surge, and 62 more…

The right to define certain dictionary terms was sold on eBay in December 2006. Contributors to the dictionary included: Owen Smith, Shannon Coyle, Carrie Lambert-Beatty, Robert Ek, Robert Arnold, John Krygier, Phil Taylor, and Savic Rasovic.

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