All About You

Art & Design

eFlux Video RentalOn April 5th, 2007, iKatun screened a special selection of short video works all about YOU from the E-flux Video Rental (EVR) collection at the Carpenter Center at Harvard University.

E-flux Video Rental (EVR), by Anton Vidokle and Julieta Aranda, is an installation comprising a free library of over 600 works of video art selected by some of the international art world’s leading curators and critics.

For ‘All About You’, we screened:

All you need to know right now 1 (Alexander Costello – 3 min)
Do You Know Who is Donald Cammell? (Michel Auder – 3:40)
Do You Know Anything About Polish Art? (Hubert Czerepok – First 6:30 Min Only)
I’m With You In Rockland (Karl Holquist – 25 Min)
You Are My Enemy (Andrea Schneemeier – 1 Min)
You Don’t Love Me Yet (Johanna Billing – 7:43)