The Digital Pocket Gallery

Art & Design

An six-month-long online gallery dedicated to exhibiting what is inside the world’s virtual pockets.

The digital pocket gallery effort began in March 2002 as a collaboration between parties that had only met online: kanarinka & pirun (USA), Jess Loseby (UK) and Jeremy Turner (CA). The digital pocket gallery was inspired by the real-life Pocket Gallery at 536 gallery in Vancouver, Canada. The 536 Digital Wallet Gallery in Helsinki, Finland, is a related effort which was also accepting submissions.

Pockets contain miniature biographies and testaments to our lives and forgotten stories. The crumpled train ticket speaks of journeys taken, the handful of confetti in your ‘best’ jacket of a wedding years before or the telephone number on the back of a matchbook given by a someone
who’s name and face is long forgotten. Files and folders are the ‘digital pockets’ of the internet artist. The hard-drive is an autobiography in coded form. Dreams, ideas and waste lie hidden in these cryptically labelled pockets that have become the maps and landscapes of our
virtual lives.

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The Digital Pocket Gallery