info@blah: overload & organization

Art & Design, Data Visualization

info@blah: overload and organization was an exhibition I curated with my art collective iKatun at the Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts in Spring 2003. Part of the Boston Cyberarts Festival, info@blah showcased work in all media that deals with information overload. The 25 artists in info@blah use systems and algorithms – rigorous, idiosyncratic, organic, and critical – to structure data and information. The exhibition featured regional artists as well as artists from California, New York, France, and Austria, including: Angie Waller, Martin Wattenberg, Anna Shapiro, Anouk De Clercq, BaronvonBerg, Clover Archer, Guy Marsden, Joseph Smolinski, Nicolas Clauss, Nicholas Knight, Rachel Egenhoefer, Tohru Kanayama, Victor Liu, and Rachel Perry Welty, among others.