Unmarked Package

Art & Design, Walking

The Institute for Infinitely Small Things toted hundreds of “Unmarked Packages” around Chicago to poll residents about terrorism and fear in public space. The results were published as a video research report.

The Unmarked Package, along with the Unattended Bag, has achieved an interesting status in the “War on Terror” and in actual reported events that evoke fear and insecurity around the nation. Announcements around the USA tell us to watch out for unmarked packages and unattended bags. The terrorists could be anywhere, they tell us and we must be constantly vigilant in our public spaces.

In May 2007, the Institute for Infinitely Small Things used a mobile sculpture of hundreds of Unmarked Packages to interview people in Chicago, IL, about fear and insecurity in public places. We traversed seven neighborhoods and used multiple forms of transportation. The video showcases the results.

Research Report