Free Fear from the USA (if you take it)

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A reverse shoplifting experiment to bring American fear & insecurity to Canadian bookstores. The Institute for Infinitely Small Things deposited over 40 copies of their self-published “New American Dictionary: Security/Fear Edition” into Vancouver bookstores & educational institutions.

In October 2007, the Institute for Infinitely Small Things reverse-shoplifted over 40 copies of The New American Dictionary: Security/Fear Edition into bookstores and educational institutions in Vancouver, BC.

The dictionary catalogs over 60 terms related to fear and security which have entered American English since 9/11, including new terms (“freedom fries”, “islamofascist”) and old terms which have been redefined (“torture”). The books are for free in Vancouver or on for $19.95.

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Project Website

Part of Participatory Dissent, curated by Natalie Loveless for the Western Front.